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Christmas 2015 - Cubicle Decoration

Merry Christmas

Here are some of the pictures of my cubicle at work.  I wasn't able to enjoy Christmas last 2 years, but I'm back stronger than ever.  I had so much fun so far.  It's been glorious. I am sad that the season is almost over.  But, we still have almost 2 more weeks to enjoy.

Who cares if Christmas was created by greedy corporate people?  I thank God for greedy corporate people.

Some people try to make it a point NOT to celebrate Christmas, so they can stand againt the culture molded by capitalistic "pigs" - and they hope that I would avoid this 2 months of absolute joy every year.  All I can say to them is... Merry Christmas~!!!




Thank you Jodi.  You are very nice.  I rarely receive personal comments and emails, and I enjoy them very much.

Most men like heavier women, but you know that already.  Anyway.. I am not putting enough effort, but I am trying to find a wife.  During the process I get to meet people here and there. 

Yes, I shall try harder.  Thank you.  Have a nice day. :)

By john


Ive been checking out your blog. And I'm wondering how you are still single. Not that I really want you to find a partner cayse then we wouldn't have this great blog anymore! Lol. A hint for you, if you are admiring someone from afar just ask them out. Worse case they say no best case they say yes. Myself being a female and heavy set have had great luck with this myself. All people have their insecurities even drop dead gorgeous people. I have a niece who is a model gorgeous and she is so insecure it's not funny. She has dated all sorts of different guys not finding the one yet. I consider my hubby to be very good looking but he feel in love with me because of how I mothered my first son. It's really not all about looks. You seem like a great guy with a ton of interests and intelligent. It's a new year I say go for it.

By Jodi m (not verified)


Nice cube. You really "went to town" w/ the decor.

By Carol (not verified)


Looks Merry!

By sherry (not verified)

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