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But, we needed a place for Costco shoppers to say hi.
I hope you enjoy the stay. Have a nice day. Access Denied

Hi there. I am a Costco fan, but when I go to Colombia the access to is banned, somebody  knows what to do?

I already tryed:

1-  clear all cookies and cache from my laptop.

2. Change ISP (Internet Service Provider)

3. I try in different Pcs..

But still this error show up

Access Denied

You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

Reference #18.4024a17.1436436698.2f6993fd


By tk1955 (not verified)

I live in arizona, usa. didn't have a problem before but now it's happening to me.and I don't see why costco would do a block. maybe the hackers are doing a denial of service attack on costco ?

By evil taco (not verified)


By Wes (not verified)

Some sites in The US do not let outside of Tge country access, you can usea VPN like HOLA for will work...

By roberta cisne (not verified)

THX ALOT ANDY!!i'm in indonesia. I havent be able to access or outside US. I tried free webproxy and it works well!!!

By Costco lovers (not verified)


By LUIS (not verified)

Same here in Venezuela :'(

By Sol (not verified)

You can try with a proxy online.

in this site you can try

good luck

By Johann (not verified)

It's not uncommon, especially when it comes to access from outside of the country. Sometimes it's legally required, e.g. copyright or distribution issues. The only workaround is using a VPN in the same region, but sometimes that's even detected. Hope this information helps.

By Tech Friend (not verified)

Access Denied
You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

Same in the Netherlands.... Why would they block us??

By Jamal (not verified)

They must have very cheap programers!

By Lena (not verified)

Same thing from Haiti. I suspect this is a corporate decision. It would be nice to get their side of the story.

By GillesC (not verified)

Same for me here in Vietnam. Has anyone written to the contact page on the Costco site who can get on? They need to know about it. They are losing business

By glen rose (not verified)

Same for me for several weeks. I cannot shop online at all.
Tried all the fixes I know buy still does not allow access.

By VK (not verified)

Guess they don't want your business, nor mine as I get the same error message!

By david (not verified)

You don't have permission to access "" on this server.
Reference #18.28761b3a.1452739776.43714e71

It's weird! I want to buy something.

By Mai (not verified)

Same situation in Belgium : Access Denied

Reference #18.6b0fdd58.1450094050.3bbad4

By guest (not verified)

Same situation in Poland, message says
Access Denied

You don't have permission to access "" on this server.
Reference #18.3e8e7b5c.1449930607.a18399e

By Andy (not verified)

Sorry to hear that.  My only guess is that your server's IP is blocked for some reason. 

I can be wrong.


By john

I have the same problem from my computers and i am in Kansas. Why do i get the same message and reference #18.52b0e6b.1446046216.bfd012b??? I tried Internet Explorer and Chrome but same results.

By Charles (not verified)

I'm experiencing the same thing here in Taiwan. What I'm thinking is Costco has locations in Taiwan as well, but the price of products is typically 20~30% higher. I think Costco itself may have blocked the access to avoid price checking.

By roger (not verified)

This is a tough question. It can be from any number of reasons.

Here is one possibility

Colombia has "Price Smart".  Price Smart is just like Costco and those two entities share some kind of history.  Maybe that's why Costco website is completely blocked from Colombia.

I don't know...

According to your error message, your server does not have permission to access Costco website.  So, possibly, Costco blocked your server from accessing their website.  Maybe Colombia government put a block for some reason.

Maybe Costco put a block on your area for some reason.

Try public WIFI and other internet access.  Maybe you will see same permission error no matter where you go (inside Colombia).

Maybe you live close to hackers and spammers that your server is blocked by Costco.

So many possibilities.

Good luck.


By john

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