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Product Review - Water Ridge Kitchen Faucet

This is's official review on Water Ridge (WaterRidge) kitchen faucet.

Review written: February 1, 2015 - after 2 weeks of use.

  • This kitchen faucet by Water Ridge is good for what you pay ($78.99).  Pull-out feature & spray features function OK.  Installation was easy.  It works for me, but this is not for rich people.
  • Money to value score: 91%
  • Satisfaction score: 89%
  • Regert score: 0%  (I wouldn't do it any other way)
  • Complaints: (The faucet is good overall.  I'm just being picky).
    • The faucet feels lighter than it should.  It doesn't feel solid, heavy, and expensive.  You may even say it feels (somewhat) flimsy.
    • It lacks precision in water flow control.  Control is OK/good, but not great.  I bet expensive faucets provide better control (precision).
    • I cannot use spray at low flow.
    • It comes with 1 sink hole cover.  But, I can see a lot of people would need the second sink hole cover.
  • Rich man score: I would buy a better faucet if I made $90K / year
  • I don't understand bad reviews online - maybe I have low standard? or maybe I need to give it more time?  we'll have to wait and see.  So far, I am happy with it.  My kitchen looks better.  I feel better when I'm in the kitchen.

Water Ridge (WaterRidge) Costco kitchen faucet

Water Ridge (WaterRidge) kitchen faucet



Bought mine (Seaton) and installed July '17. Returned to Costco Nov '17. Some type of small pieces (black) were clogging it up the flow and lost half the water pressure after we took it apart. Couldn't get what's left inside the spray. NO idea how and where those chunks came from. I can only think of the lining of the tube...

By jp3 (not verified)


Ah, it's been over 2 years already.

The faucet is good. It functions exactly as same as the day I bought it. 

  • I found myself never using spray feature.
  • I found myself rarely using pull out feature.

There is one tiny thing.  If you look very close, you can see a layer of aluminum has peeled off.  I don't know how...  but... see below.  It's not water stain, but it's missing a thin layer of aluminum.

By john


How is the faucet now after a couple of years of use?

By Tom (not verified)


Was hot water flow good for the first week? THEN it slowed down?

Or did your hot water slowed immediately after the installation?

Because, water flow can be controlled under the sink (Sorry, I don't mean to insult your intelligence... but some people don't know these things).

By john


I bought WaterRidge kitchen faucet but the model is slightly different than the one in the picture. Original Price is around $78 but it was on sale for $56. I had my handyman put it up, look nice and a week after I can see hot water flow is extremely LOW! the cold water flow is normal

By Heru (not verified)

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