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Not happy with Costco tulips


* Update: I found out after writing this blog that the tulips I like is called "Triumph."  So, basically I bought the wrong kind of tulip bulbs. But, my review stays the same.  The bulbs I bought from Costco didn't bring me much joy and satisfacion.

* This is my personal opinion.  Some (a lot of) people may not agree with me.  Additionally, I still have a faith in Costco, because the flowers did look like the picture on the package.  I didn't know there were differnt breeds of tulips.  Costco was selling less expensive kind.

Last year, I bought some tulip bulbs from Costco, but they were disappointing.  Flowers bloomed OK, but I was not satisfied with the quality and performance of them.

These Costco Tulips were not the kind of tulips that most people desire.  These were "K-Mart versions" of tulips.  Flower were small and "ugly".  They bloomed for only a few days.  It was cute, I did it once, but I shall not repeat it this year.  I will buy more expensive tulip bulbs from local garden center.

Below picture is tulips I brought from Costco (2015).  All 50 bulbs produced flowers similar to this.

At the same time last year, I bought a few tulip bulbs from local garden center.  They were much more expensive.  But they brought me more joy and satisfaction.  Flowers stayed bloomed for much longer time.  I am looking forward to grow these tulips again this Spring.

Below is images of a tulip I bought from local garden center.



I bought Costco bulbs for the first time this year and I was ecstatic with the results!!! They are stunning!!

By Emilie (not verified)


I understand what you mean. 

Also, I am done with chilling (forcing) bulbs.  I will pay more and buy pre-chilled ones. 

By john


I find costco tulips do not bloom at a high rate. Maybe 70% of the bulbs will actually produce flowers. I am in so cal so i have to refrigerate tulip bulbs a couple of months to get them to bloom. I find bulbs bought at Home Depot or Lowes to be of higher quality. Same goes for costco combo bulb packages where you get 3 flower types in one package. some don't even emerge from the ground.

By jbinla (not verified)


Thank you.  Love them Triumphs.  :)

By john


I wish you better luck with them next year. The double tulips look beautiful and I have given in and tried them a few times but I always find that those blooms disintegrate. Triumph, Single Late and Darwin have good strong blooms.

By dandy (not verified)


Hi, Dandy.   

Ah~~   You are correct.  The bulbs from Costco were NOT Triumph, but they were different kind, called Blue Spectacle.  They had smaller & sloppy petals.  They opned up quick and died quick.

And yes, I think the other one was Triumph.   I hope I find them at Costco.  I will buy a bunch...

Thank you, Dandy.  Good times.

By john


Is the darker tulip a double tulip, with many smaller petals? If so it might explain a bloom not holding up well to the weather. The lighter tulip appears to be a triumph or single late variety- and those in my experience have stronger petals and the blooms do not blow as easily making for a longer lasting flower and display, at least in my area.
They do carry triumph/single late varieties at Costco and I would recommend those. They aren't any more expensive. Love your blog!

By Dandy (not verified)

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