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Golden Island Jerky

Company website:

*Your jerky preference may be different than mine.

Have you tried jerkies by Golden Island? I see them occasionally at Costco.  I usually see one flavor at a time. They sell jerkies with exotic & unique flavors such as Kung Pao Beef & Korean Barbecue Pork.  They are tender and rich in flavor.

Their jerkies are handcrafted in small batches - according to their website. 

I wondered about how they tasted.  Then I received these samples.  I can't describe taste with words - but they are all good.  My favorite is Kung Pao beef.  If I see them at Costco I will buy some.  I thought may be close up pictures can show the textures.  They may give you some idea.

Most jerkies in the market have a similar taste.  They have a common theme going on.  But, Golden Island sells jerkies with unique taste that if I have a craving for Kung Pao beef,  there will be no substitute for it. Maybe this kind of jerky is common in China Town.... (?) I don't know.

If you are a jerky lover who likes Asian & ethnic taste, these may be a special treat for you.  You can see them occasionally at Costco.

Look below for pictures and my quick reviews on each product.

Grilled Barbecue - Although I enjoyed it, this tasted more "Common" to me.

Korean Barbeque (Pork) - Very nice and exotic (different)

Sriracha (pork) - Very nice and exotic (different)

Kung Pao (Beef) - Perhaps my favorite of them all.  It's exotic, spicy (not very spicy), and has rich ethnic taste.  Look at all that peppers.  It doesn't taste like anything I've tasted before. I liked it a lot.  I want some more.



Oh yes, I really liked Korean BBQ flavor.  I couldn't get enough.

But, can you look at Kung Pao?  It even looks beautiful. Kung Pao was my favorite. 

By john


I just bought the Korean BBQ Port flavor as I had never seen it before, or even heard of "beef jerky" Korean-style and I've been to South Korea. Surprisingly, it's quite tasty! It's definitely not a savory jerky but more of a sweet flavor, but the meat for a jerky is tender and not totally hard and dried out like other jerky brands.

It is similar to the type of meat jerky snacks in Asia that I've seen before in Singapore from a company called Bee Cheng Hiang. They have shops that sell it by the piece through Singapore. Don't think they sell outside of the country yet though. The package says the company was started by a young man from Taiwan, so that makes sense as he probably got the idea from them. It's worth a try for anyone that likes beef jerky treats. I bought it as a trail for a Christmas gift for my Brother who likes beef jerky treats. Will definitely pick up another couple bags for him if the expiration date hold through Christmas. Or wait and hope they still have it closer to the holiday...but with Costco you never know how long they'll keep an item in stock.

By Gail L. (not verified)

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