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Happy Thanksgiving 2017 - More Pictures

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

This is my 8th year baking turkey alone.

I have places to go every year.  I thank them, but I refuse to go.  Nobody, including my family, matches comfort and joy that I have when I bake turkey alone.

I want to bake my own turkey.  It's so much fun.

One of my coworkers enjoys visiting my house on Thanksgiving day for a few hours.  Because I provide comfort and joy... a lot of good stuff to eat.

I just woke up.  I shall take a shower and start the day with coffee. I cleaned my kitchen last night and put some Christmas decoration on the sliding door.  Look at my beautiful kitchen.  I came a long way.  Remember when I was poor?  Now I feel awkward (guilty?) to show pictures, because I remember not having good things like these.

Life's been fun so far.  But, one thing I envy the most is people who have family of their own.  You have the best gift.  It makes me want to cry when I see father and son walking together, etc...  It looks so beautiful and I wish I have that.

Happy Thanksgiving.  I'll talk to you soon.  It's magic time.  Have fun~!!

And, pictures of my turkey



Hi.  Long time.  Nice to hear from you.  Thank you very much.

Wait till you see my Christmas decoration at work.  Everyone is talking about my cubicle.  Pictures coming up.

Happy holidays!

By john


Don't ever feel guilty! You should be proud of how far you've come. If someone feels bad that's their problem. Good people will always feel good when they see you happy and humble! Happy holidays bud it's been a long time! Hope all is well =)

By Jagar


Hey~* thank you for keeping touch.

Your husband HAS TO like the hoodie.  I did a little research?  Similar hoodies are very expensive that I wouldn't normally buy fancy hoodies like that.

YES~!  I bought 2 boxes of Belgian cookies.  I still eat them every Sunday.  I used to eat 4 boxes a year... Now that I think back, 4 boxes are a lot of cookies.. stupid...  Haha

Talk to you soon.  I'll be back.

By john


It would be nice to see rugs like that at Costco...
btw, I bought hubby that Sherpa hoodie you posted after I read your recommendation. Hope he will like it, it looks so cozy.
Did you get any of those Belgian cookies this year?

By guest (not verified)


Hi. Thank you so much.  Thanksgiving 2017 was fun.

I enjoy my kitchen a lot.  The rug was $10 at a garage sale (paid too much for a garage sale).

Happy holidays to you.  We have 5 more weeks to enjoy the season.  Good times.

By john


Happy thanksgiving!!
Thanks for your post. Love how your kitchen looks. Really like that colorful rug...
Hope you had a great time, thanks for posting.

By guest (not verified)


Thank you, Thank you.. It's so nice to hear from you. 

This weekend was fun.

It's Sunday night. I am boiling turkey carcass to make soup base.  I will freeze it and enjoy turkey soup next year (when I catch cold, etc..).

Happy holidays!   :)

By john


Happy Thanksgiving to you! I thought of you on Thanksgiving day and hoped your day of comfort and cooking was fun. Happy holidays!

By guest (not verified)

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