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Costco out of multi grain bread

* This blog was originally written in May 2008.  The blog came back to life recently (September 2017) due to recent outage of the bread.  If history repeats itself, the bread will come back to your location (I don't know when).  Maybe it has something to do with recent weather events.  We shall see.

Costco is out of Kirkland Signature Multi-grain Bread.  This is my favorite bread. 

Not all whole grain breads are created equal.  You see, you can have a pinch of whole grain in a loaf of bread and call it "Whole Grain Bread".

Kirkland Signature's bread is 100% whole grain.

Forget All Bran Cereal's 10 day challenge (watch video below).  Have a couple of slices of these bad boys.  You will feel the power in 24 hours.  At least that's what happened to me.  I'm a believer. 

Kirkland Signature multigrain bread
File photo of Kirkland Signature Multigrain Bread

Anyway, the bread was not in display when I went to Costco on May 5, 2008.  I asked to see if they have any in the back.  They said something about the grain supply - we may not have Kirkland Bread for few weeks.

All Bran Cereal's 10 day challenge



I loved this bread. The slices were thicker than other brands. You could actually spread peanut butter without it falling apart and the taste was great and filled you up. Highly disappointed it was discontinued. I could have stood on an endcap and really sell this to people. Bummed out!!!

By Joan (not verified)


Just got off live chat at The Kirkland multi-grain and wheat breads have been discontinued permanently. There is no longer any Kirkland brand bread at my store in Holbrook, NY since early October 2017. I wonder if milk and eggs are the next to go?

By Emily (not verified)


No Multi Grain Kirkland in Caron City NV & I want it back.

By guest (not verified)


Not in Tucson either. Really like that bread, they need to bring it back.

By Nancy (not verified)


I too forgot the name when I asked a red vest last night about it being out of stock for the first time I can recall in a decade since I began buying it. Between this and the increase in membership pricing, not even sure we want to renew in a month when it comes up.

By Bryan (not verified)


Kirkland Multi-Grain quckly became our favorite bread when we joined Costco 4 years ago. The San Antonio Stores are out of stock for the last 4 months. I inquired at the Customer Service desk and they told me it has been discontinued. I asked them who made the bread for Costco and they told me it was Bimbo bakeries. I called Bimbo and they currently make no breads under any of there many brands that have this recipe. I am truly disappointed.

By DogtheCritic (not verified)


Yes we've been out at Fontana, CA Costco for over a month. Very sad, but been trying other brands. Alfaro's tastes good, but not as healthy.

By Hope (not verified)


Not in stock at the Ontario Calif store for the past 4 weeks. I asked about it but they couldn't help me because I couldn't recall exactly what it was called. Realizing I just knew it by the label. Felt dumb. :-) I'll fill out a slip too next time I'm there if it isn't back by then.

By Don (not verified)


Not at the Costco location in Melville, NY either. Been missing for about a month or two now and I am super sad :(

By Lee (not verified)


It's not on the shelf in Visalia and when I asked I was told maybe they sold out yet there wasn't empty space. I've since checked both Fresno locations and Bakersfield. Nada. Buying our bread elsewhere. Hope it comes back soon. Was never offered option to fill out a slip.

By Kat (not verified)


It's not on the shelf in Chesterfield VA either. I have asked, emailed and filled out sheet at exit of store. Hoping enough will complain and it will come back!

By Beth Reid (not verified)


Neither Kirkland nor Milton's on shelves any of my 3 frequent Costco locations in Phoenix and Chandler, AZ as of 9/23/17

By John M (not verified)


It's our favorite bread. Covington, Wa store has been out of it for weeks. I hope it comes back soon. We are buying our bread somewhere else now.

By Bjf (not verified)


For the last four weeks I have checked the Los Feliz, Costco we normally go to and haven't been able to find this bread. Does anyone know if its been discontinued or when it will be back.

By guest (not verified)


Not at our store in Folsom CA either. Bummer!

By Jon (not verified)


It is not back in my store, I am trying to find the producer to see if there is an equivalent. When I asked at the checkout there were many customers at other tellers asking the same question. Costco employees only said fill our the stupid slip at the store exit. Big bully does it again!!! August 30, 2017

By John Elwood Clarke (not verified)


My bread is back on shelp.  I made a purchase on May 21, 2008.

By john

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