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Couldn't Wait for Costco - Bought 4 Pairs of Black Jeans

I desparately needed some black jeans.  My current black jeans faded so much that I was looking poor.

I work at a large company where I am allowed to wear blue jeans.  But, I refuse to wear blue jeans at work.  There are 700 people working at my job and people wearing blue jeans are the ones working at low paying departments (this sounds mean, but I'm just reporting the fact).

Nobody wears blue jeans in my side of the building.  People wear slacks and dress shirts here.   I am a computer guy, so I can get away with black jeans, but I want them clean and new.

Anyway, I gave up waiting for Calvin Klein black jeans at Costco and bought 4 pairs of brand name jeans.  I will not say the name of the brand.

The first thing I did was to took off all the brand name markings such as large leather flaps and tiny red logos.  I was poor not too long ago, and I hate showing off brand name logos and markings of any kind.  It is against my philosophy.  If they want me to wear their brand names, they should pay me.

Like the 80's rap group RUN DMC said...

Cause Calvin Klein's no friend of mine
Don't want nobody's name on my behind




I stopped wearing these jeans in less than a year.

I bought them when I didn't know how to properly wash black jeans, so they faded away rather quickly.  Also, I didn't like the fit of the jeans - they set too high on my back. 

This is how I wash my black (dark) jeans now..

  • Wash them inside out.
  • Fasten buttons so fabric will not flop around.
  • Use "cool" water temperature.  If I didn't have "cool" setting, then I would use cold.
  • Use Woolite Dark (detergent) - sold in Costco
  • Use low speed spin dry.
  • Run in low temperature dryer for about 5 minutes to get wrinkles out.
  • Turn them outside out and hang dry indoor. - I bought the hanger from Costco about 10 years ago.

I have purchased more black jeans after these.  I do believe my new washing technique is keeping my jeans dark longer (helps me looking sharp at work - get away with NOT wearing dress pants).  I do this to both my black and gray jeans.

Talk to you later~!!

By john



It’s been 2.5 years and I’m curious to know how your black jeans are holding up.

By Kate (not verified)

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