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Costco Shopping - March 02, 2018

12th Costco shopping in 2018 - $29.47 (today) / $453.83 (this year)

I bought a pair of really nice Calvin Klein pants (Costco Item #1147567).  They were made with a unique material and were shockingly beautiful. They looked even more beautiful when they were on me.  The pants were stretchy and super comfortable.  I immediately ran them through washer and dryer.  I was curious... (fingers crossed)

Soon, I discovered that these pants have to be ironed.  There is no way around.  If I want to enjoy these beautiful pants every day, I'll have to iron 5-7 of these pants every week.  I iron a few shirts every Sunday morning for fun.  Adding several pairs of pants means I will spend one hour every Sunday morning ironing.  So, Sunday morning will no longer be my fun magic moment, but it will become a grind.

Currently, I wear black or gray jeans to work.  I never iron my jeans.  Unless you are Martha Stewart, not having to iron is a huge luxury in life. I will not buy any more of these pants.  I will keep this pair for special events.



I like my BLT salad. I enjoy the taste.  BLT salad is my go-to lunch at work.  Plus I may have protein (granola) bars whenever I feel like.

My juice is not horribly bad, but it does not taste good.  Mine comes out somewhat thick and taste like raw vegetation.  I can make my juice thinner by adding more ice/water.  But, my goal is to eat more greens.  I can make my juice tastier by adding fancy stuff...   but where does it end?  I just want to get this done quick and move on with my life. (I also want my juice cheap)

It takes about 30 seconds to drink my juice (two tall glasses).  I like to drink it right away when it's still cold.  Also, if I let the juice sit too long, the juice will get thicker.  I can't drink it too thick.  It's yucky even for my standard.

By john


How do you like that BLT salad? It looks tasty! I’ve never seen it at my Costco before. I should try buying more greens like you as I have a Ninja. Does the green juice taste bad? I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to drink it.

By guest (not verified)

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