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I am sick

I am sick.  I may be slow with my blog updates for a while.

As you know, this flu season is different.  My flu shot couldn't save me this time. I am miserable and have no will to live.

I am taking medication and... I've been eating this Super Food Veggie Cakes (Costco item #966072). They are frozen cakes that I microwave for 1 minute. They are convenient and good for me. 

I received these cakes from GardenLitesGardenLites makes healthy, gluten free, allergy friendly, frozen food.  They are sold in Costco nation wide (#966072).  They have good reviews. I like them.

I am supposed to review them (I will).  But, I am so sick.  I am just eating these cakes before I review them.  I am glad I received these Veggie Cakes just in time.  It's so quick, easy, and good.  I am almost glad I have flu. Haha.. cough.

I'm gonna lay down now... (cough)



Hahaha... I know.  No will to live is not good.

I am much better now.  Good to know you are getting better also.  Thank you, thank you.

Thank you for finind my blog.

By john


Just found your blog and it warmed the cockles of my heart. I, too, have been stuck in bed with no will to live.... This flu has been punishing. Today i was able to take a shower without feeling like i would pass out. I missed my Costco shopping last weekend.

By Leslie Crowell (not verified)


No will to live...


Thank you very much.  :)

By john


Get well soon!

By Lulu (not verified)


Get well soon! I had the flu this year as well and it was awful. I spent 4-5 days in bed. Make sure you are drinking enough fluids! Mucinex flu helped me a lot this time around with the terrible headaches.

By guest (not verified)

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