Copy Your Keys at Costco with Minute Key

This is why Costco shopping is exciting.  You don’t know what you will see next.

Minute Key is here – you can copy your home/office keys on the spot. 

  • You cannot copy car keys or any other funky looking keys (obviously)
  • You only get to copy 1 key per order.  If you order 3 copies, that means you will get 3 copies of 1 key.  You don’t get the chance to switch to the next key.
  • You must pay more if you want the key with design (pictures)
  • Cheapest copy is 1 key for $1.49
  • I bought the value pack – 3 keys for $3.00
  • My copy works fine!  I am happy with the result

Costco Key Copy, Minute Key

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