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I use Costco APP to check out member only savings, special sales, and do much more. The app is almost like a mobile website. But the APP has some extra features. My favorite APP feature is called “Lists”, that I use every day as a part of my everyday life.

In the Costco APP, I have a list named “Costco”. As I checkout member only savings items on the APP, I swipe and send items to my Costco list. I also type in additional items in my Costco list. When I’m at Costco, I open my list and delete items from the list as I put items in my basket. The list gets shorter.. and I’m done with shopping.

But, that’s not all. It does much more than Costco shopping. Below is why Costco APP is a part of my life.

You can create additional lists. For example, in addition to Costco, I have lists such as; Walmart, Target, Vacation Check List, Rib Eye Roast Recipe, and whatever the list I want.

Let’s say I am visiting my friend, and he happens to live close to Walmart. Then I would open Walmart shopping list and quickly take care of my Walmart shopping while I’m in that side of town. I cannot rely on my memory alone. My shopping list can be several months old – sometimes over a year old. If I don’t have a shopping list, I am sure to forget a few items. At the worst case, I would completely blank out and not remember a thing. Costco APP helps me to organize and streamline.

Sometimes I use the Lists to jot down recipe. The possibility is endless. Lists even works without internet connection. Lists is a simple but versatile feature in Costco APP that improves quality of my everyday life. I enjoy using Costco APP very much. Thank you.

* You can locate Lists by tapping “More” at the bottom of Costco APP.
* I use OneNote for heavy duty multi device note taking.

Costco APP Lists