Costco Car Wash Coming Up – $7.99

Oh my God, you guys.

Costco Car Wash is coming up at Oxnard store.

I was wondering what they were doing at the parking lot.  I thought they were building a multiple story parking structure.

Car wash will be $7.99.  This has to be good.

I am happy for Costco.  I am also a little worried about small business owners.  There are a lot of hard working folks in my area who wash cars on location.

Anyway, this $7.99 Costco car wash must be good value.  I am pretty sure I will not use this car wash service because they are too busy with a long waiting line.  But, I will definitely get my car washed at Costco if there is no line.

They even recycle water. This is an exciting development.

Good for you, Costco.  This is brilliant.

Costco Car Wash Costco Car Wash sign at Oxnard Costco (Gas Pump)