Costco (Christmas) Shopping – August 21 & 27, 2011

I’ve been busy.  I’ve been putting a lot of hours at work lately.  I hope that means I will have a better paycheck next time.  I’ve been making very little money. I had to take out $5.000.00 from my savings account so I can survive.

I tell ya, times are tough. Frown

I went to Costco on August 21st and 27th (2011).

Costco stocked yet another kind of coffee grinder for $29.99.  This Krups burr coffee grinder easily goes for $60-70 elsewhere. 

Costco’s Krups Coffee Grinder has mixed online reviews.  It has overall 3 out of 5 stars.  I figured half of the negative reviews are written by mechanically challenged people.  This is is now my primary coffee grinder.  It works fine with me.

Costco LED Santa Claus

And I bought some other stuff.

But, what’s important is that it’s Christmas time at Costco.  If you like Christmas like I do, this may be the time to make a list.  The whole point is that you are enjoying sentimental Christmas feeling from now for next 4 months. 

I bought a toy helicopter for my nephew.  And I bought a small LED Santa figurine for my desk.  The figurines come in 4 designs; Santa, snowman, penguin, & angel.  3 AA batteries power 3 LED lights.  NiMH batteries last about 100 hours.

LED Snowman was equally cute.  I stood there for a few minutes, torn between Santa and snowman.  I took Santa home, but I may have to go back for snowman.  Penguin was cute but penguin didn’t look "Christmas" enough.  Angel was not even cute.  LED Santa was $9.99.   Batteries were not included.

I took the LED Santa home, turn off all the lights at my APT, and turned on the Santa.  That moment officially marked my Christmas season. 

Times are tough.  I am putting a lot of over time without any promise.  But, I am mentally relaxed and feel happy.  It’s Christmas time.  Nothing else matters.

This year, I would like to bring happy feelings to even more of my neighbors, not just one or two.

– To be continued –