Costco Executive Member Reward Check, 2019

PLEASE NOTE: You will receive your check according to your membership schedule. I happen to receive mine in January.

Costco gives 2% rebate checks to Costco executive members.

Costco’s regular membership fee is $60.00/yr. Executive membership is $120.00/yr. In order for my executive membership to pay for itself, I need to receive a $60.00 rebate check. This year I received $91.31. So, my executive membership paid for itself and they rewarded me $41.31 on top of it. It paid to be an executive member at Costco this year. Last year was a different story. Last year, my reward check didn’t quite cover my executive membership. It was short by $1.42.

Keep in mind, what I received is a reward check from Costco. If you have a Citi Visa card, you will also receive a Citi Visa reward check. I receive these in February, but you may be on a different schedule.

Costco executive member reward rebate check
Costco executive member 2% rebate check for 2018 purchases
(received January 2019)
Costco executive member 2% rebate check for 2017 purchases
(received January 2018)
Costco executive member 2% rebate check for 2013 purchases.
(received January 2014)

You will receive your reward gift certificate according to your membership renewal date. (Read more from Costco)

The Reward is issued approximately 3 months prior to the member’s renewal date in a Renewal Statement.