Costco gave me (back) $50

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Hello there! I just got back from Costco. Unfortunately, my car broke down in the parking lot. But that is another story.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Alan, and I am from Seattle. The main two Costcos I shop at are the 4th Ave store (which is the original Costco, let me remind you!) and the Issaquah store. I go about 3-4 times a month, for both business and pleasure.

I buy most everything at Costco… food, electronics, clothes, household items, etc. I am single and in my 20s, so not really too much bulk stuff, I like Costco more for the deals on everyday items.  

So back to today. I noticed that the air conditioner I bought for my condo is now on sale. I purchased the unit a little less than a month ago for $50 more. I was not going to bring the unit in, so I brought the receipt in. Fortunately for me, the Returns man was most helpful; he checked my receipt and gave me $50 cash on the spot. Love Costco!

Of course, I immediately spent the $50 and then some the same day… getting a couple of Wii games (I just bought the Wii at Costco on Monday:), as well as coupon items Dove soap, toilet paper, San Pellegrino Limonata (which by the way, I take credit for Costco stocking as I wrote them a letter about the need to carry it… they listened!) and a copy of Toy Story on BluRay ($8.50 and comes with a free ticket to Toy Story 3!).  

I’ll try to remember to post photos in the future. Glad to be blogging here. I am a true Costco fan.