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Costco Lunch Box - California Innovations, CI Sport (love it)

Update: Costco lunch boxes recalled for leaky cold gel packs (Jan 24, 2012)


With a $2.00 coupon, this lunch box was only $9.99.

Inside the box, I found shoulder strap, aluminum water bottle, and reusable ice pack.  The bag is insulated for hot/cold food.

I come home for lunch every day.  I absolutely don't  need a lunch box.  But I bought this lunch box (CI Sport) because I thought this bag was practical for general use.

For example, when you pack for long trip, you can use this bag to hold personal items (vitamins, toiletries, makeup...). 

For $10.00 it give me so many possibilities.  Love this lunch box.

PS. Coupon is now expired.  But $11.99 is still a very good price.  Just the ice pack and water bottle can be $5 - $6 easy.

PPS. (added July 28, 2010) - It's been about a month now.  I've been carrying this lunch box every day to carry stuff around (backup hard drives, camera, notepad, sunglasses, business cards, & more...).  I love this lunch box.  Even my coworker (the cool one) said he liked it.

Costco Lunch Box

Lunch Bag, Costco

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