Costco Macaroni and Cheese

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Oh! There is a total Lunar eclipse taking place tonight, January 20, 2019. Check your local schedule. In California, time for the maximum eclipse is 9:12 PM Sunday night. It may be too cloudy. We’ll see.

27 Pound bucket of Macaroni and Cheese at Costco

I don’t understand why news media is buzzing is about Costco’s 27 pound bucket of Macaroni and Cheese with 20 years shelf life. Currently sold out buckets contain 6 units of 4 pound packs. So… what’s the big deal? We are Americans. We drink wine out of boxes and buy ice creams in big buckets. 4 pound packs of macaroni and cheese don’t shock me at all, especially for long term storage and emergency use… especially for Costco. I found media reaction little annoying.

Government is shut down and people are losing homes… and we gasp about a bucket of Mac and Cheese…