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Unpacking Memory Foam Mattress

Unpacking Costco Mattress:
Product information

NovaForm® Pure Comfort Grand™ Queen Mattress  
Item #  354280
Regular price - $799.99
Sales price $649.99 - (after $150 off)


The mattress and bed frame arrived today via UPS. The bed frame took 11 days and the mattress took 3 days to arrive.  They came in on the same day.

As you can see, the mattress was vacuum packed and squeezed into a smaller box so it's easier to ship.  The box actually fit in the back seat of my car.  I borrowed a dolly from work to transport this 98 lb box. But I could have done it without the dolly. 

Costco Mattress Delivered
Mattress & bed frame delivered at work 

Costco Mattress Packaged
NovaForm® Pure Comfort Grand - Vacuum Package
Mattress is folded in half then into W shape

The mattress was vacuum packed.  I had to unpack it and let it expend. 

I did plenty of research before ordering this mattress.  So, I had to go over a few things.

  • The instruction said it may take up to 72 hours to expend the mattress into normal shape.
    • My logic tells me that it will take longer time to expend if the mattress should stay in vacuum pack for longer time.
    • I figured, it would be wise to open the mattress as soon as possible.  I don't have my box spring yet, but I decided to unpack the mattress immediately.
  • Some people complaint that mattress would never fully expend to their normal shape.
    • I was a little worried about that.  So, I read the instruction very carefully.
  • I even read one person complaining about strong chemical smell.  She said she was physically ill for months because of the chemical smell.  That person ended up returning the mattress.

NovaForm Pure Comfort Grand
Package comes with opening instruction & a letter opener

Unpacking Nova Form Mattress
Memory foam mattress expending from vacuum - still folded in half

I followed the instruction and cut the plastic bag.  As soon as I put a small hole in the bag the mattress started to expend very slowly.  As I was cutting the long side of the bag, the mattress started to expend pretty fast.  I had to move fast and get rid of all the plastic. It took about 10 minutes or less for the mattress to take a basic form.

The mattress already had a protective cover on it.  I'm thinking that cover should cost about $75.00 or more if I had to purchase separately.

The mattress was fully expended in 10-20 minutes. I didn't have to wait 72 hours. And there were no bumps or irregular corners. I did smell chemical, but it was manageable.  I was relieved.

Most spring mattresses from Costco come with box springs.  That makes mattress shopping from Costco more attractive.  Because a box spring goes for about $150.00 delivered.  But Costco doesn't include box springs on memory foam mattresses.  I think it has something to do with how they package the mattress.  When you buy a full-sized spring mattress, they can slip in a box spring easily.  They only need extra foot or so of space.  That's not the case when they ship memory foam mattresses in smaller boxes. 

Then you may have to purchase a bed frame, comforter, & sheets...

Anyway, the mattress is all good and I am happy.

** 10 months later (October 15, 2009).  I can tell you without a doubt that I love my mattress.  I am very happy with my mattress.


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Isn't the mattress too costy? and what about the delivery charges?


Any good mattress will cost you $1k - $2k and a lot more.
$649.99 for a mattress like this is very good. 
Regular price at Costco is $799.99.  I was going to buy it without the discount. 


I didn't pay delivery charge (it was a 98 pound box).
Shipping was free.

Hey, thank you for visiting.  Happy new year. Smile


I am curious, how do you like the mattress?

I noticed it's going to be back on sale in a couple weeks.  The queen will be $649 again and I was thinking of buying it.  Wanted to know how you liked or disliked the mattress.




The mattress is a keeper.
But I am still not use to this.  I am still trying different settings.

I get decent sleep.  But I am still looking for perfect sleep.

The mattress is a bit too warm

I hope I can tell you a definite "Good" or "Bad" answer.  But this is where I am.  I still get different results as I try different settings.

I am still trying different settings until I come up with my routine.

I will eventually write my final review on the mattress, but I need more time.


Thanks for the mini-review.  I'm having a hard time choosing between the Novaform pure comfort deluxe or the one you purchased, Novaform pure comfort Grand.  I would think they probably both feel a bit warm but which is the better core mattress.


I am not sure which is "better". I just didn't want the mattress to be too soft (sinking).

My mattress is definitely not too soft.

Another thing is that I feel less "warm" as I sleep on it more. It used to be very warm that I couldn't take it anymore. I heard from somewhere that you feel warm because your blood flows better (?), I'm not sure.

All I know is this.
I bought the mattress at Christmas time, during the winter season. That's when I felt them too warm for me.

Now it's Spring time in April. Weather's gotten a lot warmer now, but I don't feel warm anymore. It's getting better. I am getting use to it.

I am still trying different settings on mattress, comforter, & duvet cover... so I really don't have a final opinion on how much I like my bed.

I am happy with what I have, that's for sure. (compared to 10yrs old $200.00 mattress I used to have).

But my final review is yet to come.

Thank you.

This is an interesting mattress. I didn't know that you could fit a mattress in a box. That's pretty cool though. I just bought an Adjustable Bed, and I love it. If I would've known that you could order a mattress like this I would have done that instead.


after reading this blog, I decided to purchase a Novaform Pure Comfort Grand mattress.  I have always preferred foam mattresses to others and had been anxious for my new bed to arrive.  I unpacked it super carefully and after I had all of the wrapping off the bed expanded to full form within minutes!

My observations on the bed so far are: first, it doesn't look exactly like the picture on the costco website.  Rather than having an all white cover the mattress that I have is white with blue waves (I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this as well); second, the memory foam on the bed seems very different from my novaform memory foam pillow.  The foam on my bed feels a bit softer and I feel like I am sinking into it more than i expected- this is surprising considering that the novaform pillow is great but also a bit firm.  I am not fully ready to give up on the bed (I do wonder, however if I was shipped the correct bed given the difference in appearance from what I have to what is on the costco website) and am gong to try a new pillow to see if this helps.  A firm novaform pillow and a soft novaform bed are not a good combination.  


I just put in an order for a Queen size Pure Comfort Grand.  I e-mailed Sleep Innovations about their Costco mattresses since it's not easy to decide sight unseen given the info on the website.  They responded within a few hours and  sent me some info on firmness.  I'll have to wait and see how my wife and I like it, but thankfully the return policy makes this a no risk deal.  I especially like that they'll send someone out to pick up a return if necessary.  Here's the Sleep Innovations e-mail:


Thank you for your inquiry. Below is a break down of our mattresses at from firmest to softest. All of our mattresses have Nutratemp
memory foam which is not measured in lb. density but will have the
equivalent feel of a 4 lb. meaning the ILD will be between 12-14. The
firmness level for all of our mattresses is based on the layering.
Please see below:

-Our Pure Comfort Mattress will be our firmest and most supportive
mattress. This 12" mattress consists of: 2.5" of NutraTemp memory foam
as the top layer, 9.5" of premium base foam, and a smooth top cover. The
Pure Comfort has a 20 year warranty.

-Our Pure Comfort Deluxe mattress also has a 20 year warranty and will
be our second firmest mattress.  We use 3" of Nutratemp(tm) memory
followed by 9" of our conventional base foam. The Pure Comfort Deluxe
mattress has a smooth top cover.

-Our Pure Comfort Grand 12" Mattress consists of: 3" of NutraTemp memory
foam as the top layer 2" of high resiliency foam for added comfort and
support, and 7" of premium base foam. It is a medium firm mattress. The
cover is a Quilted European Box Top Mattress Cover with water and stain


If you think the "Grand" is too soft, you may want to try the "Deluxe".

Thought I'd give a bit of an update. I ordered the pure comfort grand as it was the softest mattress Sleep Innovations offered. I figured I could return it and get a firmer mattress if needed. Several folks reported that Costco will pick up the mattress if you can't take it to the store for a return.

UPS delivered it 10 days after I placed my order. Signature is required so I had to make sure I was around to receive it. My wife is sensitive to smells, so I waited a few days till she left on a trip to open it and let it air out.

It inflated very quickly and reached full size in about a minute. There was no ridge on the folded areas as reported by some. The smell was familiar to me. It smells like sealants that the dentist put on my teeth or maybe like the glue used for my braces years ago. I wouldn't call it overpowering and I expected it. I slept on it the first night.

Three nights later, some observations. It is comfortable. I used to wake up with some back pain and that's no longer an issue for me. It's very supportive and maybe firmer than I expected. I had this fear that I would sink into it, but that's not the case. The foam compresses maybe a little more than an inch. I can turn over in the middle of the night with no difficulty. I can sleep comfortably on my side and belly. It's gotten a little softer since the first night.

The smell is fading. I turn down the sheets during the day and use a small fan to help air it out. I'll see what my wife says when she gets back, but I'm happy with it! I'm glad I didn't get a firmer mattress. I suspect the one sold in-store would be way too firm for me. I'm 5'7" and weight 160 lbs..

Hope this helps others with their decision. I wouldn't recommend ordering this without trying some memory foam mattresses in a store, but it worked for me. I'll try to do a longer term review to let you know how it holds up. here's a longer term update. I've had the mattress for 4 months now. Here's my thoughts...Oh man what a great mattress! I realize a lot of input on a mattress is subjective, but I love this thing. Over the past few months it's gotten softer, which is what I like, but it hasn't come at the expense of not being supportive. The smell is gone unless you bury your head in it. I don't notice it anymore. It also isn't hot like it was in the beginning. Considering I started using it in December and it's now April, something in the mattress must have changed. My only thought is that it must take a couple months to reach its final state. Any-who, I love it. It's one of the best Costco purchases I've made. Hopefully it'll last many years.

Yes, yes..
It was too warm for me at the beginning as well.
I was *Almost* unhappy that I was too hot every night.

Now, I am loving it.

I bought my mattress in December (2008) as well.
Now I feel fine during the Summer months.

Where did you find the email address of Sleep Innovations?

Also, I only see Pure Comfort Grand for sale at Costco. How do you get the firmer mattresses?


Our Pure Comfort Grand King mattress arrived last night. I unpacked it at 7 PM and let it sit until we went to bed about 3 hours later. It was the best sleep I've had in months, and my wife said the same thing. There were no lumps or problems with the edges of the mattress. Very nice and happy about the price.

Muhaha~~!! I am so happy for you.
2 thumbs up it is.

NovaForm pure comfort queen mattress is showing $549 online price at, where as my local store is selling same for $499. I am planning to buy one. Nice review. thanks.

Does any one have a back pain after using this Costco novafoam mattress (its the firmest one, but i still feel i am sinking while sleeping)? I and my wife have a bad pain early morning after a night's sleep on this mattress. Please let me know if I missed to try something, else I am planning to return it soon. Thanks in advance for your comments.

Actually, I was going to write another update on this mattress. As time goes by, I love this mattress even more.

I am absolutely loving my mattress.

But, I believe people have different body, and this may not work for you. I hope you can take a few more nights and get a better feeling of it.

I hope things will turn out for the best.
Good luck.

PS. It took me almost 1 year to get used to my mattress. I had that awkward sinking feeling for many months. Now that I think about it... butt sinking is the only way.

I just bought one from my local costco. It was $500 which I think is the firmest of the bunch. I actually didn't realize there were different levels online. I unpacked it without any issues. Inflated quickly, and without problems. I'm actually surprised at how firm it actually is. One night of sleep is definitely too early to tell, but I'm happy so far. Can't buy much of a mattress anywhere for $500.

I have been having chronic back pain for sometime, so we'll see if this helps!

We bought our Queen size mattress 2 weeks ago and leave it to expand. As of this comment, the mattress still not fully expanded. We follow the instruction carefully. We are thinking about returning this mattress. Has anyone have this issue at all?

That's not normal.
Return, return!

Most people sleep on the mattress the same night they receive them.

Sorry it happened to you.

I have heard from *website* that it is important to give a new memory foam mattress at least one night of reprieve. Even though the mattress looks like it has transformed into its full shape, still give it some more time to "breathe". Also, the mattress emits a very strong chemical smell during this time and it might not be very ideal to sleep on a new memory foam mattress immediately.

The instructions said sleeping on it the first night helps it expand from your body heat. They also said the odor is harmless, but I haven't noticed any. The king size mattress unfolded almost immediately. As soon as I got the plastic cut it fell open. 48 hours now, and the edges of the top layer on one side are not fully expanded. I slept on it about 8 hours later after unpacking with no problems. The next night also. I suppose I wouldn't have if I smelled an odor...

Ah~ Good stuff. I hope you enjoy.

Can anyone tell me if this is a good mattress if you are overweight? My husband is a big guy. I od not wan thim to sink to the floor.

i have a bed frame from ikea. if you're familiar w/ ikea beds, they use wooden slats instead of a box spring. do you think the novaform will work with this?

I hate to confuse you even more but...

I have heard 2 different stories.

No problem on a flat surface.
I read somebody loving the setting that you described.

Problem with flat surface.
I read that one person had moist (condensation) under the mattress. Then she started to have mold under the bed. She had to trash her mattress.

I am sorry to confuse you even more.
I hate to say this, but I would contact the manufacturer and double check.

I just got a mattress. The instructions said slats or box springs are ok but on the floor is not ok. Probably due to a need for ventilation under the mattress.

Thank you for the review of the Novaform mattress. Can you tell me which frame you purchased to go along with the mattress?

Thank you again!

I bought a regular box spring for queen size. I am still using it. :)