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Cut the Coupons, Please.

This information came straight from the source (Costco corporate office at Issaquah, Washington).  Thank youCool

There are people saying that you don't have to cut coupons off Costco coupon book.  They say we can just show them your entire coupon book and all items will be discounted automatically.  Every single coupon has a same bar-code (UPS code), so it seems more convincing not to cut coupons.

But, you are supposed to cut coupons and give to the cashier.  They want the coupons for accounting purposes. 

People reported that they didn't have to cut their coupons. They said the price was automatically deducted without handing in the coupon. This happened to me also.  This automated mark down is a new system adopted by Costco to ensure best services for the members.

But the bottom line is that they need the coupons. 

About the cashiers who didn't take your coupons earlier?  Basically, they were confused with the new system and made mistakes.  Soon, your cashiers will ask you to cut the coupons.

So, cut the coupons, please.

* Evidently, at corporate office, the name for Costco coupon-book is MVM (Multi Vendor Mailer).  I did not know that.

Costco Coupon UPC Code

You are right.
This is an old blog, I should delete this post...

Thank you

By john

Just use the app! No worrying about cutting or not!

By guest (not verified)

At the self checkout in any Costco, I scan my book then take it home. There is no coupon slot and the machine doesn't ask for it. However, the employees at some Costco locations insist that these are manufacturer coupons and need to be collected for accounting. It seems to me, this is complete BS.

I think the Costco locations that require each coupon are doing this to maximize profit at a disservice to customers. They can squeeze a few more bucks out of the shoppers who come to the register unprepared. I can't think of any other reason for this practice. Corporate should come down on the locations that do this.

Good thing it can't be easily enforced should the customer happen to have at least one of the coupons they need.

By guest (not verified)

The whole thing seems so silly. Many stores accept just the one coupon and it works just dandy... I don't understand how some people would want to make you cut the coupons out one by one, have the rest of the people in line waiting, and take account of every single coupon used. That sounds a bit dictactor-ish.

Brrr... sorry to hear that. I'd avoid that store or that clerk altogether as much as I could.


By bleufacez

At this point, I am not sure what to say. They all seem to have their own policy.

Some checkout person would scan the coupon and give them back to me. :)

By john

That was my experience this eveing, the cashier said for me to cut out one coupon in my book, she didn't need the other ones. She said the policy is on a store-by-store basis. In Fredericksburg, VA you just cut out one; but 50 miles down the road in Richmond, you have to cut them all out.

By guest (not verified)

John -

I'd be curious who your contact is at Costco corporate, b/c I don't believe they're giving you the correct information. Costco does not utlilize the actual coupons for accounting purposes b/c if they did those coupons would come back to the manufacturer (which is standard retail practice).

As someone who works for a manufacturer who handles our Costco account, I can assure you that they do not send us the coupons, nor present them as accounting backup for the promotion. Also, keeping the individual coupons directly goes against Costco's memntatlity of taking costs out of the system and streamlining thier operations.

At the end of the day, it's really what the individual employees at the check-out decide to do as well as what the store managers want done b/c Costco corporate does not utilize the individual coupons.

By guest (not verified)

I know.. it's been some time and they don't seem to care if I cut it or not. Sometimes, they refuse to take the coupon. Sometimes they give me the coupon back to me.

Hm.. As long as I get my discount.. :)

By john

I don't cut my coupons now. I used to, but once in a while they just ask me to cut out one coupon.

By guest (not verified)

If you are a member coupons will be mailed to you. If not, you need to ask.

By john

Where do you get the coupons?

By guest (not verified)

no it just depends really on the cashier. you are suposse to cut everysingle cupon out. but if the cashier is lazy or wants to be nice they will only scan one.(employee)

By guest (not verified)

Hi. Thank you for visiting.

I'm in So Cal as well. (I go to Oxnard, Simi Valley, & Westlake Village - Mix 'em up for extra fun).

I got my information straight from the Costco headquarter. The right way is to cut each coupon. They want the coupons.

I think it's all good for now. Some employees are confused.

But, soon enough, they will ask for coupons.


By john

oh? i've been showing the entire booklet since they updated to new coupon system, never did i get any complaints from them. in fact, i witnessed many times that cashiers just crumbled up the coupons and throw them in trash under the register. one time a cashier actually dug out a coupon from trash to scan because customers didn't have coupon with them. i guess different area costco do different things? i'm in southern california, btw.

By guest (not verified)

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