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(vid) Costco Peanuts & Planters Peanuts

I am sorry I was away for a long time.  OK, let's do this. 

I compared 2 kinds of peanuts they sell at Costco.

  • Planters Dry Roasted Peanuts: 52 oz, $7.98
  • Kirkland Signature Super Extra-Large Peanuts - 40 oz, $8.79

This comparison reminded me of my old Syrup Comparison Blog from almost 4 years ago.  (Already 4 years. Oh how time flys).

* Below video: Turn up your audio to compare crunch sounds.

Planters peanuts are very good.  I really enjoyed this peanuts.  So, I went to Costco to buy one more can.  Then I saw this smaller and yet more expensive can of Peanuts by Kirkland Signature.  I couldn't imaging how much better peanuts can be.  But, I knew Costco's peanuts had to be better in unimaginary way.

These Kirkland Signature Peanuts are amazing.  I never knew peanuts have  higher level.  I thought Planters was as good as peanuts can get.  But, I didn't know better.  Costco's Super Extra Large Peanuts are amazing.

These peanuts are huge, crunchy, and tasty.  These are what rich folks eat.  Good stuff.  Costco has done it again. I would never eat these kind of good stuff if it wasn't for Costco.

Bottom Line:
Knowing how good they are, I can no longer buy Planters' peanuts.  From now on, I will pay more and always buy Costco's Gourmet Peanuts. 



Wish Costco could give you a choice of unsalted as well as salted. Love them both, but once you try the unsalted, you will find the flavor to be out of this world.

By Ron Batleman (not verified)


I had been a fan of these Peanuts but similar to Anna's experience, the last 40 oz can I purchased was not nearly as good as all previous ones. The nuts were much smaller and the crunch was not there. Still OK but in the past they were great. Perhaps it was just a rough growing season...

By Mike (not verified)


Anna, You must not have purchase the Super Extra-Large peanuts from Costco. These are noticeably larger than any other brand and they are crunchy and delicious.

By Bil (not verified)


I purchased Kirkland etra large Peanuts and much to my surprise upon opening the 1.13 KG all the peanuts are actually very small - these are in no way large. I am really disappointed in the shortcuts that Costco engages in for the benefit of creating a huge profit

Anna Vario

By Anna Vario (not verified)


They say Virginia Variety not from Virginia

By guest (not verified)


the greatest peanuts ever! ive tried a lot.

By guest (not verified)


They are from Virginia. I think it says it right on the can. As far as I am concerned Virginia Peanuts are the best.

This proves my point yet again, that Costco don't fool around when it comes to providing quality products.

By john


Where are the peanuts that Kirkland distributes, grown?

By guest (not verified)

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