Costco Reusable Shopping Bags. Finally


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I finally found reusable shopping bags.  I’ve been looking and waiting for Costco shopping bags for over 2 years.  I finally found them!  Son of a dad, I found them.

The bags don’t say "Costco" anymore.  They have generic design.

They had 2 different kinds of bags.

  1. Insulated bag – $6.49 each bag.  It’s large.
  2. Old fashioned bags –  Pack of 4 (2 large & 2 medium) – $4.69/pack

The search is finally over.  I bought plenty.   Now I can start giving away the bags.  When I bring gifts or something to my friends, I tell them to "keep the bag."  And they love it.  Everyone loved the bag so far.  They are so practical.

I like insulated bag.  I always drive right back home after shopping at Costco because I worry about cold food items getting warm.  Now my shopping plan is more flexible, thanks to insulated bags.  I can go to other markets after Costco.  Also, I can eat out after shopping at Costco and don’t feel rushed.  I think $6.49 is a very good price.

One bag is little over $1.00.  The joy I get from giving away these bags is priceless.  They will use the bags and save environment.  It’s good.

Costco Shopping.  July 3, 2011

Costco Shopping Bag, New

These are regular shopping bag.  Large size in front, medium size in back.

Costco shopping bag insulated

Insulated Shopping Bag – Big and Practical.  I like it.

 This is the insulated bag.

Here’s a bag manufacturer’s URL