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(pic) Costco Birthday Cake

This is the cutest...

Picture sent by a member.  Thank you.

This is a rare picture, very special... 1st birthday cake by Costco?  I don't think I will ever see that again in my lifetime.

Costco Birthday Cake

costco sheet cake

Re: (pic) Costco Birthday Cake

I think you got the cake for free because you used the costo name on the cake with intentions of posting on a blog. I'm not saying its not a good thing. Just cheap.

Re: (pic) Costco Birthday Cake

Nonono... I don't think that was the case. If anything, I am afraid Costco will ask me to take down the picture.

Re: (pic) Costco Birthday Cake

it was tough getting them to approve using the costco logo due to 'trademark violations'.  fortunately I talked to the bakery manager a week or two ahead of time and they remembered pre-approving this.

my wife was very not impressed when I brought this home.  She thought I was kidding when I told her what I was going to do ahead of time.       At least we didn't name our son Costco (which our friends thought was a big possibility).


Re: (pic) Costco Birthday Cake

That would be funny if you did name your son Costco. Nickname would be Cos.

Re: (pic) Costco Birthday Cake

Hahaha~~ Cos...

Re: (pic) Costco Birthday Cake


I hope Costco doesn't mind.
We show these because we love Costco.
If anything, it's good for Costco.

Your wife is such a sport. Hahaha...
I bet this is not the only stunt you pulled on your wife.

Priceless. :)

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