Sunday Morning Costco Shopping

18th Costco shopping in 2019 – $36.30 (today) / $1297.47 (this year)

Sunday morning Costco Shopping is special to me. It gives me different feelings compared to my usual Costco shopping at night after a full day of work. For Sunday morning I set the alarm, get up, and get ready just for Costco shopping. I feel positive and motivated when I’m out early Sunday morning. It’s interesting to see the world at this time of the week.

I started a load of white laundry and put on my new watch before hitting the road.

First, I went to car wash at Costco, but I got stuck behind a guy who started to check his engine oil at the pay station…. with opened hood and dipstick! You can see the picture of his truck in front of me. (in the car wash). By 9:48 AM, there were about 70 people outside waiting for the door to open. There were more people waiting in the car as well.

As I waited, I wanted to buy gas for my car, but the lines at the gas station were so long that I decided it was not worth it. Think about it this way. If I was stuck behind a 20 minute line, I would gladly pay $2 to make that line to go away. So, that’s what I did. I went to a local Chevron station and paid extra $1.50 for my Prius.

32 Degrees Cool shirts looked interesting (#1188833). They’re supposed to keep you cool. The material is thin and smooth. I like to wear white shirts at home, but I hate it when men’s nipples are showing through thin white shirts (gross, yuck!). So, I got black ones. These shirts seem promising. I live alone and I am often shirtless at home during hot Summer season. But, I would rather wear something (but NOT tank tops). I am getting older and I would like to look like a gentleman even if I am home alone. FYI: These shirts are form fitting. It will fit your body & upper arms. If you have belly fat, there will be no hiding.

OH. I bought these shirts to wear at home as lounge shirts, not as undershirts. I have good dress undershirts and… don’t get me started on that.

32 Degrees cool shirts Costco
I DID suck in my guts for this picture – but it still shows.

I came home and started my usual Sunday morning routine. My coffee came out perfect. I ironed a few shirts as I enjoyed a cup. It’s a glorious Sunday morning.