Costco Shopping – April 23, 2018

24th Costco shopping in 2018 – $255.93 (today) / $1451.02 (this year)

Nest is a smart home thermostat that can communicate with a smartphone. I am about to put in a new central air conditioner (3-ton unit) at my house. I will also replace the existing old heater and duct system. This is a huge purchase (mucho dinero). This is exciting. I am taking 2 days off from work to oversee the installation process.

I didn’t get my air conditioner from Costco. I didn’t consider Costco as a possibility because there is no such thing as Costco HVAC Center. We have Costco Tire Center and Costco Optical Center. But, when it comes to HVAC, we only have a third-party salesperson standing by the exit.

HVAC – Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning