Costco Shopping – August 22, 2019

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I use three different kinds of soaps. They are; 1) Fancy boutique soap for hand washing, 2) moisturizing soap (Dove) for shower, and 3) squeaky clean soap (Irish Spring), also for shower.

In shower I use two different soaps on different parts of my body. For example, I want moisturizing soap on my body, but I want dry soap on my armpits and face.

Irish Spring is my go-to squeaky clean soap. Costco always put these soaps on sale time to time. So, I always buy Irish Spring with extra savings at Costco.

I didn’t know anything about Pecorino Romano Cheese. I thought I can cut it up and snack it. But, DANG, this cheese is salty. I mean it’s very very salty, that it cannot be good for my blood pressure. My tongue is still burning from the cheese. Afterwards, I went online and learned that Pecorino Romano Cheese is supposed to grated over pasta and such. It taste good though… just salty.