Costco Shopping – August 6, 2021

15th Costco Shopping in 2021 – $90.42 / $2165.35 this year

It’s amazing how people can get used to the global pandemic. I was wearing a mask, but it didn’t bother me much. I took my time and enjoyed my Costco shopping.

Coupons (member discount) saved $21.50.

Bottom of the cart: Kirkland Signature bottled water, Charmin bath tissues

I was happy to see the Christmas ribbons. The ribbons mean Christmas is coming to Costco in 3-4 weeks.

I bought Peet’s French Roast coffee. They were on sale ($4 off). I took it home and realized it was ground coffee, not coffee beans that I prefer. But, I guess I couldn’t really tell the difference, anyway. The coffee is excellent. I like it. It’s more enjoyable than Starbucks’ French Roast. Starbucks coffee is bitter (acidic). Your opinion may vary.

I like dumplings of any kind. People like it when food comes in small units. That’s why some people enjoy tacos. It’s fun eating small units of food. The same goes with hot wings & Hershey’s Kisses. If your kids don’t eat a full-size sandwich, try cutting them into small strips. I usually buy dumplings at Costco whenever they are on sale. I can boil them, steam them, or fry them. Dumplings are fun, exotic, tasty, and easy to prepare.

There were plenty of Clorox wipes. I found it fascinating that their containers now mention Covid-19 on the package. It’s a scary time, but also fascinating.

I have over a year’s supply of toilet paper, but I bought one more bag just to make myself feel better.

Chobani yogurts come out about 50 cents a cup. They are normally $1.00 or more at discount grocery stores.

Kirkland Signature’s sharp cheddar cheese (I bought 2) is super tasty and affordable.

After my Costco shopping, I bought a Cold Brew Mocha Freeze (with Chocolate) for the road.

Mocha Freeze