Costco Shopping – Begging for Coupon

* 9th Costco Shopping this year, 2nd time this month.

Calvin Klein Pants

I had to buy those pants.  They are not jeans.  They are not formal slacks.  I needed a pair of casual but fancy pants.  I only had 1 pair of pants fits into that category.  Oh, they happened to be Calvin Klein.

Costco must have a special relationship with Calvin Klein, because Costco sells a lot of Calvin Klein items, CHEAP.  I never did like brand name clothes before. But, lately, when I find some nice and cheap clothes, they happen to be Calvin Klein. I wonder how much they go for elsewhere.  Probably a lot

Costco BasketYeah, yeah.. it says Prostate Health…
Also, notice all items have bar-codes facing up.


Begging for Coupon

I bought a piece of Jarlsburg Cheese last time with a coupon.  I finished that cheese already.   I ate it with wine Tongue out .

Anyway, I liked this cheese so much that I wanted to buy one more.

So, this is what I did: (oh boy)
I picked up a piece of Jarlsburg cheese.  As I was shopping, I was looking for anyone with a coupon book.  Then I found a nice looking family (mother, father, & son) shopping at dry food section.  The mother had a coupon book in her hand.

So, I asked if they have a coupon for the cheese they can give me.  They were happy to give it to me.

I was happy to save $2.50 on the cheese.  The family was laughing because it was fun for them as well.  I felt the cozy feeling while I was  talking to the lovely folks.  We were bonding.  Maybe I was the only person felt that way, because I live alone. Embarassed

Anyway, I have no shame when it comes to saving money. Haha.


Coupon saved $6.50
Even with pants and cheese, I managed to keep it under $100.00
After $18.02 in gas, my total expense today was $101.94

Last time I put gas in my car was March 12.  So, I used 6 gallons of gas in 12 days.  I should walk to work more often.

Today’s shopping was rewarding.  I was able to treat myself with some luxury items and still managed to spend less money than usual.