Costco Shopping December 19, 2008

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I took a day off today.

I am getting ready for a Christmas dinner party at my parents’ house. I will bring disposable party supplies.

Construction papers are a Christmas gift for my niece. Those will go well with the colored pens I bought earlier.

I treated myself with a fancy shower robe. The quality of this robe is amazing. It’s a Costco quality.

I bought an extra set of bedsheets set. This is a part of my “Buying new bed” project. My new bed is too warm with flannel sheets right now. I hope these 600 thread count Supima cotton sheets will cool me down a little. This was a totally unexpected extra expense of $69.99. I have blind faith that $69.99 is a very good price for queen-size bedsheets of this quality.

I spent about $180.00 today