Costco Shopping – December 21, 2010

I am back~!!  Merry Christmas!!!

This may be my last Costco shopping this year.

I went to Costco alone today for maximum shopping enjoyment.  I wore my Santa Hat to Costco.

I felt sad to see that a lot of Christmas items were gone.  There were no more Chocolates of the World. I didn’t see the wicked huge nut-cracker.  There were no more Christmas lights.  Christmas is only 4 days away.  I hate to see this season coming to an end.  It’s been fun.  It’s beautiful. I hope Christmas season is 2-3 months long.

Philips Sonicare Essence (Toothbrush)

Ah~!! Stupid stupid.  I’m going to have to take this back.  I bought this 2 set pack for $79.99.   I thought it was super cheap at that time.  Then I went online and realized that I can buy 1 unit set for $40 (free shipping) at Amazon.

I’ve been using Sonicare for 10+ years now.  I don’t buy them often because they last for years.  Last time I checked (a few years ago) they were $60 – $80 each unit.  I didn’t know that price came down this much.

Anyway, everyone should get one of these electric toothbrushes.  They are amazing good.  Once you try, there is no going back.

Getting Ready For Christmas (home alone)

I will be home alone for Christmas for third straight year.  But, I am ok.  I manage to entertain myself.  Sometimes I receive messages from my website visitors.  That helps me also (thank you).

Anyway, I bought a ham, shrimps, and hot wings for Christmas.  I shall glaze it on Christmas morning. Tongue out

Oh, they are not just for Christmas.  I have 10 days off until January 3, 2011.  This will be fun.

After a hot dog and Gas, I spent roughly $217.00.  Shrimps, Ham, and Hot Wings were luxury items.