Costco Shopping – December 9, 2011

I am still struggling to feel Christmas in the air.  But, I am so busy and tired.  I cannot believe Christmas is only 2 weeks away.  2011 is almost over. I am missing out on all the good things.  I would like to go to a mall and spend 30 minutes looking for a parking spot.  I want to hear babies crying in the store.  I want ugly people to cut in front of me at the checkout line.  I want to do store hopping until my legs hurt, then I would go back to the store to return items.  I would love to have those magic moments for Christmas 2011.

Back to reality.

I woke up with no hot water at my apartment.  I had to boil a pot of water and give myself a bird-bath.  I went to work super late with wet hair (I have long hair). Thank God it’s Friday.

I try to go to Costco often until Costco takes down Christmas.  I put on my Santa hat and headed out to Costco.

At Costco, a young family with a baby girl in the cart saw me.  The mother kept telling the baby girl that I was Santa.  The father asked me to say "Ho ho ho".  So, I said "Ho ho ho" to the baby.  Shoppers around us smiled at us.

Today’s Costco shopping was about holiday teat for myself.  I don’t have a family of my own.  I don’t even have a date this year.  So, I shall treat myself with good food.  There will be a full course Christmas dinner.  There will be shrimp cocktail, crab legs, drinks, chocolates, and much more…

I was happy to see Center Cut Ham Fillet for $11.00.  This will be my main dish for Christmas dinner.

I have a high hope for this margarita mix I picked up for $9.99.  It’s all mixed and ready to drink.  I shall crush ice with ice pick for this drink.   My refrigerator doesn’t crush ice like rich people’s do.

After Costco shopping, I ate a hot-dog and filled my gas tank.  At the gas station one tall gentleman saw me with my Santa hat.  "Did you get my list?" he asked.  So, I said "Yes, I have to go home check it tonight."  We smiled.

It’s always good time at Costco.  I would pay to shop there…. Oh, I do. 🙂