Costco Shopping – February 3, 2012

(Late entry, to be refiled)

I went to Costco on February 3, 2012. 

Kirkland Signature Black T-Shirts – (4 pack) $15.99
Kirkland Signature’s black t-shirts are back.  I bought these T-Shirts on my Costco shopping July 24, 2010.  They were $12.99 for 4 pack back then.  Now they are $15.99.  I’ve been wearing these T-Shirts every day at work for last year and half.  I wanted to buy some more before, but they were just not available  I was happy to finally see those black t-shirts.

I should have bought the butter at a supermarket.  That’s a lot of butter.  They will last 2-3 years.

Lobster Tail (mistake)
The last lobster tail I bought was about 1/2 pound ($10.79).  I wanted to treat myself with another $10 lobster tail.  But, when the guy handed me the bag with a sticker, I was shocked to find out that the tail was almost one whole pound ($18.19).  I wanted to take it back, but I was a little embarrassed.  Lobster was amazing, I had a really good dinner.   But, it was super expensive, yikes…

I bought a pack of computer papers, Doritos, Coffee, soaps, eggs…

It was a good shopping experience.  Good time.