Costco Shopping – January 10, 2009

Big shopping day

It was a big shopping day today. Coupons saved me $48.99 but the total amount was still well over $300.00. 

Power Juicer was the most expensive item at $89.99. My current juicer broke down this morning. I had to buy a juicer ASAP. I drink juice once or twice every day.

I spent a lot of money today. I am a little sick to my stomach. But, I bought a lot of items that will last many years. It was smart shopping for a long-term benefit.

Juicer, Ironing Board, Ziplock bags, Sweeper, DVDs, & Liquid Plumber should last a few years at least. 

I didn’t eat hot-dog (I didn’t feel like eating after spending that much money). But I put gas in the car.

* I took the ironing board back for a refund

Costco Shopping