Costco Shopping – January 27, 2015. Flowers

I got three more bags of blower bulbs and plants.

I spent many hours researching online about flowers and plants for my area.  So, trust me, these are great deals.  Easy access to these plants alone is worth of Costco membership.  Try to get these elsewhere and you’ll see what I mean.  I didn’t even know some of these plants even existed.  That’s what made this purchase extra exciting for me.

I have to go elsewhere for some other items such as Sunflower seeds and climbing roses.  But, Costco supplies bulk of plants I want. 

I want to grow pretty stuff in the shaded area of my house, no Ivies. (no offence to Ivey lovers)

Now I have to find time to plant them.

PS. Costco’s Tulip bulbs I planted on Christmas eve is now growing strong.  See how cute they are (picture below)