Costco Shopping – July 18, 2013


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I thought I would take care of shopping today (Thursday) so I would have Friday night free.

I bought 2 tickets to Lincoln The Exhibition at Reagan Library in Simi Vally, California.

I didn’t have orange juice for several months and I had a HUGE craving for some fresh stuff.

I bought some coupon items and stable items as well. It was a nice shopping experience.

costco shopping cart


I went to Wal*mart after Costco shopping.  There was a gentleman at the parking lot who couldn’t start his car.  His battery was dead.  His wife arrived in the van to help him, with three kids in the back.  But, they didn’t have a jumper cable. 

I had a jumper cable.

His car was in the parking space.  There were cars all around him, and we couldn’t push the car out from the parking space.  So, we had to wait until the parking space next to him was available.  Then his wife pulled in next to him.

His car started with a quick jump.  We had a nice chit-chat during the whole event.  It made me feel good and positive to have this kind of unexpected connection with random people.

At Wal*mart – I bought a box fan.  This fan was too loud for my work that I have to return it.   This 100′ hose hideaway was $24.99.  The same day, I found the exact same product at Home Depot for $5 cheaper. 🙁 I have to return this as well. 

I was (little) surprised that Wal*mart price was $5 more than Home Depot’s every day price.  I have to know what I’m buying.  I cannot relax because I am in Wal*mart.  I cannot assume that Wal*mart has the best price.