Costco Shopping – July 3, 2013


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Ah~  I lost my ability to scan my receipt.  I am working on fixing the issue.

What’s hard to see is at the bottom.  There is a double bags of Kingsford BBQ Briquets.


I didn’t want to buy this huge bag of hamburger buns.  I only needed maximum of 4 buns.  This double bag of 24 buns was only $2.19.  I am likely to throw out more than half of these buns, but I couldn’t beat the price and convenience.   I felt bad and guilty for not being thrifty, but what could I do?  I can drive to 99 Cents Only Store.  But, should I spend extra 20 minutes, drive 15 extra miles, so I can produce less trash?  I spent a few minutes thinking about it.. I even called my friend for third person’s perspective.  And I decided to produce more trash rather than spending half a gallon of gas driving to 99 Cents Only Store.

I put 12 buns in the freezer right away.  I hope they will be put to use.

Don’t you worry about the Chocolate cake.  Nothing will go to waste.  The cake is just for me.  I carefully wrap each pieces and freeze them. They last several month.

I am freezing half of pizza as well.

Ah~~ single life…