Costco Shopping July 5, 2013

*Late entry – to be re-filed.

It was a day after 4th of July shopping.  It was a Costco date (we did the car wash).

3 pairs of work gloves (medium):

I always use gloves when I work around the house.  I tried number of different gloves so far, and I was not happy with any one of them.  I tried all the cheap ones.  I also tried generic leather work gloves from local hardware store.  I wore them out pretty quick.  Some rubber coated gloves worked well on garden works, but they made my hand smell really bad that I just couldn’t use them.  Yes, I like to smell my fingers Embarassed.

I am counting on these work gloves from Costco.  I did price check.  They are good price.

And I bought another shade sail – I bought 4 shade sails so far.  I plan to completely re-build patio in a few years.  Until then, these shades will do…

work gloves Costco