Costco Shopping – June 15, 2013 / Bamboo Bowl

I went out early Saturday morning for Costco shopping. I didn’t go to Costco last night because I was entertaining a lady friend.

I bought gas first when it was still early in the morning. Then I proceeded to shop.  I took my time looking at everything.  When you take your time, that’s when you find good stuff.  I was hoping to find something.

I bought 4 more T-Shirts.  Bought some seasoned sea-weeds, a book about local history, etc..

Today’s highlight was 14 Inch bamboo bowls by Island Bamboo.  These bowls are beautiful.  There were different colors such as red and green.  I personally liked natural bamboo color.  I thought $24.99 was a crazy low price.  So, I got one.  This bowl will occasionally come in handy.

Right after Costco shopping, I went to a local farmers market.  I found a bamboo bowl there.  With my naked eyes that bowl looked identical to what I just bought from Costco, no kidding…identical to my eyes.  He wanted $75.00 for just a bowl (no utensils included).  Yikes…

As soon as I got home I went online and looked up 14" Island Bamboo bowl.  I found the exact same bowls at Amazon for $46.00.  They didn’t even include utensils.

And, finally, I went to eBay and found somebody selling this exact same product for $54.99 (free shipping).  I often think about buying stuff at Costco and selling them at eBay.  I guess a lot of people are doing just that.

Costco is the best, I tells ya.

Early morning shopping was fun.  This was the second straight weekend I went to Costco early morning.  Could this be my new weekly routine? We’ll see…

Have a nice weekend everyone.