Costco Shopping – March 12, 2010 / Cheese

* 8th Costco Shopping this year, 1st time this month.

I was looking forward to today’s Costco shopping.  A coupon on beef jerky was what got me excited.  To me, beef jerky is a luxury food item.  They are for rich people. 

I had my coupons all trimmed up.  My shopping notebook was up to date so I will not miss anything. 

But, first, I had to do 3 loads of laundry after work. Frown

It was a fun shopping.  I treated myself with a piece of fancy cheese (also a coupon item).  Costco spoils me (I say this all the time).  Without Costco, I would never get to know Jarlsberg Cheese.  Those are for rich folks.

I saved $17.50 with coupons.

I spent $78.30 on shopping and I put $30.80 worth of gas.

Check this out: Last time I topped off my gas tank was February 11th.  So, I spent $30.80 on gas in one month.  That’s pretty good.

I came back home and cut the cheese Tongue out.  I love Jarlsberg cheese.  Good stuff.

A funny thing happened.  As I was eating cheese, I found myself craving for some wine.  I have heard about people eating cheese with wine before.  But, I never felt the urge to combine cheese and wine in real life.  I thought that was interesting.  I rarely drink (almost never).  Anyway, I had a half of glass of wine with the cheese.  I plan to get some more wine for this cheese.  I hope I don’t get too excited about wine.  You know I get excited easily (I go through phases).

Costco Shopping List Shopping List

Sorry about my lazy picture.  I save time this way.

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