Costco Shopping May 23, 2018

30th Costco shopping in 2018 – $1.62 (today) / $1625.07 (this year)

I had a quick lunch with my old coworker.  He is much younger than I am, about 15 years.  He is super smart.  He got his Masters degree when he was 20 years old.  He is humble and quiet.  Sky is the limit with this guy.

We used to work together at my prior employment several years ago (time I was poor). Now we both work at much better places that are close to each others. He likes to travel, so he told me about places he visited and girls he met at each country. I don’t go out much, but, as you know, I like shopping, so I had stuff on my body for show and tell.  I had on Swiss watch, Italian shoes, socks and shirt from England, silver cuff links.. and German undershirt that’s invisible from outside.

Hot dog was good as always. 1 hour flew by. We shook hands and promised to keep in touch.

Costco was super busy today, because Costco coupon sales started today.