Costco Shopping May 24, 2018


31st Costco shopping in 2018 – $111.45 (today) / $1736.52 (this year)

Coupon saved $26.60. I bought a lot of stuff; it was fun, but I didn’t buy anything special.

The mixed vegetable will last a few months. Frozen salmons will last about a year. Garlic Chicken will come in handy at a random time.

The Box of Cheez-it (bottom of the cart) was for my coworker. The next day, I put the box at my coworker’s office when there was nobody in there. They were surprised, but they knew it was me who put it there. There was no question about it. Because the rest of the guys on this side of the building are pr*cks. I was the only person who would do such a thing.