Costco Shopping – November 15, 2018

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51st Costco shopping in 2018 – $165.32 (today) / $4,492.87 (this year)

It was a big Costco shopping day today because: 1) I am trying to fill my new refrigerator.  2) I need to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner, and 3) I was feeling down after what happened to my old refrigerator.  I wanted to cheer myself up.

I bought a turkey roasting rack for my friend (early Christmas gift).

Maybe it has something to do with me living alone, maybe because I was poor all my life, maybe we all feel this way – anyway, it made me feel good and secured now that I have some decent food in my refrigerator.  I still need to get some steaks and vacuum freeze them.  I also need some good frozen fish.  I always keep my refrigerator full with decent food. It’s a satisfying feeling.

I eat like a vegetarian Monday to Friday.  But, during the the weekend I eat whatever I want.. a lot of Moo-Moo’s and Oink-Oink’s.

Honey Roasted Nut Mix is SOOO good.