Costco Shopping – November 23, 2013

7th time Costco shopping this month.  3rd straight day, back to back to back Costco shopping today.  🙂

I went to a Costco in a different city to pick up another scarf.  This one was for my family member’s birthday.  I like my red scarf a lot that I would like my family member to wear the exact same scarf this Christmas season, and hopefully next few years.

Then I saw this electronic pest control system for $9.99.   I am still skeptical that you can get rid of pest this easy.  I thought I would give it a try.  We’ll see…

At Costco, I met a chubby gentleman wearing a really nice Santa hat.  I struck a conversation with him because I wanted to know where he bought his Santa hat. 

It turned out he works for real Santa Clause. You see, Santa cannot be everywhere, so he uses his representatives to appear at public events to entertain kids and bring back wish list to Santa.  I had a nice talk with this gentleman.  He’s booked solid for the season.  He already made a few public appearances.  And he told me that he gets butterflies in his stomach every time before he makes an appearance.

What do you know, even Santa shops at Costco.  Good times…