Costco Shopping – November 8, 2013

I didn’t have much time to shop.   I was scheduled to go to my friend’s mother’s house.   I was to meet her brother and her grown up son as well.  Since I was at Costco, I thought it would be nice to bring gifts from Costco.

I bought flowers for her mother, and beef jerky and peanuts for the guys.  I felt pretty confident that I made a brilliant decision.   They fits well with my personality and my love for Costco.

FYI: In my entire life, I have never met any mother who didn’t like me.

Back to shopping…

I still have a can of European cookies from last year (in Freezer). I bought 2 cans this year.  It is my annual ritual to buy Christmas cookies that will last me throughout the year. The point is that I enjoy little bit of Christmas all year.

Costco made a smart move and stocked large food containers.  I needed containers like these for Thanksgiving leftover.

If you’ve noticed, I’ve been buying cheese lately.  I bought some more tonight.  Good stuff…

After shopping, I ate a hotdog and put gas in my car.  It was a nice quick shopping.  And I had to head out to my friend’s mother’s house.

Flowers and snacks worked out well.  When I arrived there, people were sitting there without any snack.  Snack and flowers made it feel festive.  Later, my friend indicated that she was impressed at my move.

PS. Oh yeah, her mother loved me, of course.