Costco Shopping – October 14, 2010

Jose’s Coffee came to my Costco today.  I spent about 10 minutes there and tasted 2 different coffees.  I know that Pumpkin Spice is a popular holiday coffee.  But I find Butterscotch Toffee more sentimental.  I bought a bag of Butterscotch Toffee coffee.

I know I will enjoy the coffee throughout this Holiday season.  I was worried that I would spend this holiday season without Butterscotch Toffee coffee.  Jose’s Coffee is going to complete my holiday season 2010.  I am so happy.

Of course, I bought a bunch of candies.  (See separate blog)

I bought a set of fancy soaps for Christmas gift for my friend.  I figured girls like that kind of stuff.  I don’t know what I’ll do if she doesn’t like this…  I guess I’ll give her some cash.

Coupon saved $6.00 (Vitamin B & Dove soaps)

As I was checking out, 2 Costco employees made comments about amount of candies I had.