Costco Shopping – October 27, 2013


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I went to Costco yesterday (Sat) for gas and a slice of pizza.  I saw some nice Kenneth Cole jackets but I didn’t buy one, because they were (somewhat) slim fit.  Shoulders and arms were little tight for me.  I needed some time to think it over. 

I thought it over and decided to buy it.

I went back to Costco the next day (Sunday) for Kenneth Cole jacket and to look at Christmas items.  I always watch for new items and one-time-deal stuff.

Gift Basket:

I found some girly gift baskets by Burt’s Bees.  A gift basket like this can come in handy.  I may run out of time to buy Christmas gift, or maybe I would forget a birthday.  Then I’ll just whip out this gift basket.  Girls like this kind of stuff.  If you are a guy, you should get one just in case.

Brie Cheese:

This was a third brie cheese I bought this month.   I tried both Kirkland Signature and Alouette.  Kirkland Signature imports Brie cheese from Normandy France.  Alouette cheese says they were made from authentic recipe. 

Kirkland Signature Brie cheese was clearly better for me.  But, I ate them when they were not fully ripened.  So, my assessment is not accurate (not fair).