Costco Shopping – September 1, 2017

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Today was a big Costco shopping day.  This month’s coupon book had a lot of interesting stuff in it.  Also, it’s Labor Day weekend, so I bought some treat for myself.

First of all, SPAM was $4 off.  SPAM~!!!  They have 25% less sodium, so I can eat twice as much. Yum~!

I bought 2 bottles of magic pills by Natrol.  5-HTP is supposed to balance my mood.  Biotin is supposed to bring back my hair.  They both had $4 instant savings, that they were several Dollars each bottle. So, I thought I give it a chance.

I have a female coworker who can use 5-HTP (mood balance).  But, there isn’t a nice way to give it to her.  “Hey, great news.  These pills may stop you from being a beyotch.  You know you need it.  Come on, take a handful. it should fix you up good.”

For Labor Day weekend I bought pork jerky and baby back ribs.

Roca candies are for one of my co-workers.  Her last name is Roca.  So, I will give it to her for fun.  People love me at work because I do things like that.

I bought staple items such as toilet papers, shaving gels, scrub sponges, jumbo shrimps, etc…

I spent $183.99, and saved $39.00 with instant coupons.

I saw Lionel’s Polar Express train set at amazing price (under $60 ?). This would be a definite sign of Christmas in Costco.  These train sets sell for $90 – $170 elsewhere.   I love Polar Express.  Watching Polar Express is my Christmas ritual. These trains will sell out quick.  Guaranteed. I would love to own one.

If you can’t find the train at your local Costco location, you can buy (possibly) the same item from Amazon.  I do not guarantee they will be the exact same item.

Polar Express Train Costco Lionel

Costco SPAM 25% less sodium

SPAM~!!!  (my kitchen cabinet)