Costco Shopping – September 21, 2013

Chocolate cake – no explanation needed here.

Ellen Tracy Hospitality Bath Towels (6 pack):

I bought 12 hotel/motel quality bath towels.  These towels are thinner than normal luxury bath towels.  But, they are pretty soft and decent.  Just like the name says, they are hospitality towels.  They are perfect for one time use for guests.  For example, if I have few guests staying at my house for a few days and take showers and such,  I can offer them fresh towel every time.

*I washed them towels before use.  They produced a huge lint ball size of a medium size watermellon (without sqeezing).  I shall watch and see if that’s was the first time deal.  Maybe I will lose softness every time I wash, and they will quickly reduced into car wash rags.  We’ll see…

Ellen Tracy Towels, Costco