Costco Shopping – September 4, 2013


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I went to Costco after work on Wednesday for some quick pickup.

Of course, I always keep my eye out for something super fantastic.

And I found this nice comforter by Pacific Coast Feather Company (650 fill power).

$99.89 is a good price.  This purchase may pay for your Costco membership.

I’ve been using 700 fill power comforter by Laura Ashely for 5 years.  Last few months, I’ve been looking for another comforter with less fill power.  After research, I decided that Pacific Coast was the best bet.  Then I found the exact comforter I was going to buy.  I would have paid much more.

This comforter is better and lighter.  My older comforter was too warm.  I am very satisfied.

* NOTICE: It’s priced at $99.89.  That $.89 means It’s a special deal.  They may disappear quick. Good luck.