Costco Shopping / Single Living


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* 41st Costco Shopping this year, 1st time this month. 

I am tired and busy.  But I was bored, so I went to Costco.

I had nothing on my shopping list, but I thought I would find something.

Basically, everything I bought today is something I didn’t "have to" buy.

I bought really fancy Christmas cards.  I don’t know what I will do with 60 gift tags.

Crackers and Olives were totally for fun.  I am very likely to stay home alone for Christmas.  So, that was my excuse to buy some snacks.

Costco Carr's Crackers

Then I saw the box of Carr’s crackers.  They had pictures of crackers with cheese and stuff on them.  They looked so cute, so I thought I do that also.

This is what I had for dinner.  I used some leftover ham from Thanksgiving as well. Onion was too strong, but it was good.

Ah~ single living…